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Current ambulance pressures

Posted on September 9th, 2021

Please see below a statement from the Lincolnshire LMC regarding current pressures on ambulances:

EMAS is currently experiencing unprecedented demand and workforce pressures.  This is leading to delays in ambulances attending and transporting patients.  If you have patients who require transport to hospital it may be more appropriate for them, and safer for them, to be transported by relatives or friends. 

General practice clinicians should have a risk and benefits discussion with patients and relatives about the likely delay to transport if waiting for an ambulance. The patient and relatives can then choose whether or not to await an ambulance.

If you call for an ambulance the call handler can indicate how long the patient will wait, and this can be used to add to the risk and benefits discussion.

We advise that general practice clinicians should not make recommendations, but should help the patient make an appropriately safe decision.

When the pressure in the ambulance service has released we will let you know.”