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GP Patient Survey 2021

Posted on July 12th, 2021

The results of the GP Patient Survey 2021 are now in and we just wanted to highlight some of the statistics that we are really happy with!:
🗳 “70% of patients find it easy to get through to this GP practice by phone”
– Phone lines are in issue that many GP practices share especially with busyness and patient’s having difficulty getting through – so we are quite happy with 70% higher than the national average of 68%
🗳 “91% of patients find the receptionists at this GP practice helpful”
– Our reception and admin team try their best to help all patients in the best way they can so having such a positive result just highlights how amazing they are!
🗳 In terms of appointments:
“96% were involved as much as they wanted to be in decisions about their care and treatment during their last general practice appointment”
“98% had confidence and trust in the healthcare professional they saw or spoke to during their last general practice appointment”
“93% felt their needs were met during their last general practice appointment”
🗳 “82% describe their overall experience of this GP practice as good”
– This is up from 80% in 2020 and as a practice we strive to constantly improve ourselves and the way that we run so to see that that is reflected in results of this is really positive!
The results of this survey also highlighted some areas that as a practice we need to look into. This will contribute alongside a direct patient-practice survey that we will be conducting (with more details released shortly)
Fully copy of the results can be found on the following link:
Overall we would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our hard working clinicians, nurses, staff and patients for their tireless efforts and commitment during this last 12 months.