Brayford Medical Practice

Brayford Medical Practice

Newland Health Centre, 34 Newland, Lincoln LN1 1XP

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Registering With The Practice

Registering with the Practice

You can register by completing a registration form either obtained from the practice reception or downloadable from below.

Completed registrations can either be handed in to reception or sent electronically.

Please ensure you complete both the GMS1 form and Registration in full.

The GMS1 form is required for both child and adult registrations and is downloadable here: GMS1

The Adult Registration is downloadable here: Adult Registration

The Child Registration is downloadable here: Child Registration (Under 16)

Please ensure you have completed form fully and bring to the reception along with your medical card if you have it, proof of photo identification and proof of address. The information on the medical card will speed up the process of getting your records from your previous practice.

Information for first time registrations:

If you are registering with us and we will be your first GP in the UK and you do not have an NHS number there is few bits of extra information we will require to process your registration:

  • Information regarding place of birth and date of entry on GMS1 form
  • Patient declaration on back of GMS1 form
  • It would also help the practice if you could provide any copies of vaccinations or medications you have previously been on


How can I return the form electronically?

Once form has been completed in its entirety you can save both GMS1 and Registration form to be attached into an email. Registration form can be emailed to

For your attention:

  • Registration forms sent through email can only be one registration per email.
  • Registrations submitted must include the GMS1 form and Registration form.
  • Registration forms for adults must also contain a picture of photographic identification and proof of address if possible attached.
  • If there are any queries regarding your registration form we would reply to your email. If you do not respond to any queries within 7 days your registration would be deleted and you would need to re-submit.