Our team are here to help when you have been discharged from the hospital 

When a patient is discharged from the hospital a copy of the discharge paperwork is sent directly to the practice to review and take any action needed.

Changes to medications

The hospital should discharge a patient with at least a 7 day supply of medications. If any changes have been made to your medications these will be reviewed by our pharmacy team. They will check your discharge and make any changes to medications stated on to your record - they may also contact you to discuss any changes to medications. 

Follow up reviews and tests

If the hospital have advised in a patients discharge that follow up tests or reviews are needed the practice should be in contact with you to organise this. If you wanted to contact in the mean time to arrange you can call reception at any time. 


If any referrals or follow up appointments at the hospital need organising the hospital should organise this for you prior to your discharge unless specified. If you have any queries regarding a follow up appointment or referral we would advise calling the ward you were discharged from or the hospital new appointments team (for Lincoln County Hospital this is 01522 512512). 

Sick notes

If you are requiring a sick note the ward you are on should issue this for you prior to discharge. However if they have not - please contact the practice. If you are also needing an extension of a sick note issued by the hospital please contact the practice to request this when the sick note has expired.