As a practice, we at The Brayford Medical Practice strive to be inclusive and supportive to all of our patients. We aim to make healthcare easy and accessible to all whilst doing so with the highest levels of respect for someone as an individual.

How do we try to do this?

A patient’s records are held with us in the strictest of confidence. We take all precautions we can to prevent access to your records that is unauthorised and any information on your record and that identifies you is only shared within the practice or secondary care with your consent. We would only share your information with anyone else if you give your permission.

The practice operates a strict zero tolerance policy towards harassment and abuse of both our staff and our patients. This includes but is not limited to harassment or abuse relating to age, gender, race, sexuality, disability, religion or beliefs.

In our services and practice policies we strive for fairness and equality for all.

We are aware that some patient’s feel uncomfortable discussing certain issues or requests with the reception team on the phone. If you have something that you do not feel comfortable discussing with reception team you can either: fill out an eConsultation through the website which would be reviewed and passed to a clinician; send an email with your query or request that can be actioned.


Inclusivity and Equality for all 

The practice aims to address an individual in the correct way for them and a way that they prefer. Your medical records can be amended to present your choice of: name and pronoun. This can be done through our website or by request with a member of our reception team. This means that as a practice all staff can address you in the correct manner and your records will appropriately represent you whilst still having access to your previous medical history and records in full.

Alternatively, as we recognise will be the case with transgender patients at some point we can change your gender marker on your record to reflect your true gender.

In order for a name to be changed on a patients record we do require proof of name change (i.e. change of name deed poll). You can provide this and request your name to be changed on record either in person, or by submitting an eConsultation, or by sending the practice an email. 

You can request for your gender marker to be changed on your record by making contact with the practice in whichever way you feel most comfortable. 


  • You will then receive a letter from the practice with further guidance. The letter will then inform how to confirm you are happy to proceed - this will act as a 'statutory' declaration. 
  • Once the confirmation has been received a request will be put through to PCSE to request the change be made. 
  • You will then be kept up to date with the progress of the request by our team. 

The practice will never ask someone to clarify their title, pronoun or gender so we endeavour to create an environment where people feel comfortable to request changes.


FOR YOUR INFORMATION it is our duty to make patients aware that a change of gender marker would mean a completely new record and NHS number generated. In the movement of notes to your new NHS number no history, clinical information or correspondence will be incorporated that identified your previous gender.

If you have had a change of gender marker on your record the practice may be in contact with you with regards to the summarising of your previous records to your new NHS number. This is so we can have the best possible continuity of care whilst continuing to have your consent.

A change of gender marker on record means that a patient may not be invited for routine screenings and can miss out on important heath checks. Patients who are transgender, non-binary and intersex still have access to routine screenings including breast screeningcervical screeningabdominal aortic aneurysm screening and bowel screen if eligible. If you want to be added to the recall list for a routine screening please make contact with the practice to request this.

The recall system does not highlight patients who are missing in these instances so please make contact if you wish to be added to avoid missing health checks.

An NHS for all

Evidence has shown that LGBT people have worse health outcomes and experiences in healthcare compared to others (NHS England » LGBT health). Research has shown in a 2017 National LGBT survey with 108,000 responses that: 16% of people has negative experiences with accessing public health due to their sexual orientation and 38% due to their gender identity; 51% struggled with access to mental health services with 16% stating their GP was not supportive; 80% of trans individuals who access to tried to access mental health services said it was difficulty with long waiting times.

As a practice we aim to go against these figures in the service we provide. We aim to be as accessible as we can to all showing respect and support and offering the best possible treatment we can. And this aim is for all our patients. We offer access to doctors, advanced nurse practitioners, nursing team, health care assistant, mental health nurse and muskulo-skeletal team as well as our admin and secretarial team who all try to help in the quickest and most professional manner.

Making contact

If any point you have any questions please feel free to make contact with the practice.

If you have any queries or requests specifically regarding change of gender please email the practice on for the attention of James who will look into these for you.